About Us

About Us

We want you to be excited to drive your car to your next destination. I’ll goes to deliver the best results with a hassle free experience from start to finish We are currently a team of hard-working individuals that strive to produce the best results and experience to our customers we do our best to answer every call reply to every message and give her undivided attention to every customer that trust us with the vehicle.


We want you to be excited to drive your car to your next destination. Our goal is to deliver the best results with a hassle-free experience from start to finish. 


The Guy That Does Everything

Oscar started his business like many others; he wanted to take care of his personal vehicle, a 2003 Toyota Matrix XRS.

He spent many hours learning and practicing on his own vehicle. Once he started driving around with a clean and glossy vehicle, his friends and family members started to ask if he could do the same for their vehicle. 

Thus, the idea to start a detailing business was born. 

Aside from detailing, Oscar also has a YouTube channel called Detail Groove where he publishes how-to videos, product reviews, and business related topics for other aspiring detailers that want to start a business.


The Guy That Also Does Everything

Lex has always been a car guy since he was in high school. He’d hang out with friends to talk cars, fix cars, and yes, to clean cars. It was the natural progression for him to start his own detailing business, Lex Auto Detail. 

As Lex likes to say, “He’s YouTube certified”. He’s spent countless hours learning, asking, and implementing the advice he’s received from many detailers across the world to master his craft. 

Early in 2020, Lex and Oscar decided to join together under the R3 Auto Detailing brand.

Lex is Director of Operations where his main focus is to make sure the customers are happy and the operations are moving smoothly.


great exceptional results. Every time

One of the best things about detailing is the reactions we get from our customers after we thoroughly clean and detail their vehicles

A lot of times customers think there’s no way we are able to make something look better. Then a few hours later they were amazed by what we were able to deliver

We have that goal for each customer we interact with. Whether it’s just your basic cleaning or something much more intense, we want to offer amazing results and an amazing experience

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