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Servicing Staten Island and Surrounding Area At Your Home Apartment or Office Location.

We’re a fully equipped mobile detailing unit with our own power and water that brings the detailing services to you. We use 100% Deionized water to eliminate all hard water spots and clean the hardiness or our New York water . You will never have to worry about water spots when you receive our service. All we need is access to your vehicle and we’re ready to work. Simple and hassle-free.

Supreme Auto Spa Gift Certificates

Give the gift of a clean and shiny ride to that special person on you list ! We provide gift certificates for all occasions and you can send a customized certificate which you can print out yourself, or we can send It directly to your recipient by email


Get Your Car Detailed While You Work

Work long hours or just don’t have time to sit at the car wash well we have the solution for you . Get your car detailed while you are at work . We come right to your place of business and take care of all your cars needs !!

Our Most Popular Detailing Services

Full Interior Cleaning

Do you want the interior of your car to feel like-new again? Has it gotten a little out of hand and needs a thorough cleaning? We can take care of that for you.

This is our most popular interior cleaning service we offer. Whether you have a family minivan, a work truck, or anything in between, we can get your interior looking significantly better. 

We have transformed 100+ interiors. Pet hair, pen marks, juice spills, food stains, etc.. We’ve seen it all and cleaned it all.


Paint Correction

The best method to bring out maximum shine and clarity on your vehicle’s paint is by paint correction. This is where we will machine polish and remove 80% or more of the imperfections from the paint to reveal a shine like you have never seen before.

Everyone will be able to spot your vehicle from a mile away due to how glossy it is. This is where you get the wet-looking paint. There’s no other way to replicate the results. 

Paint correction is a tedious process that takes time and energy to get right. We are not here to give it a “quick buff” and call it done. You will get the best results we can deliver based on your needs.

Wash and Wax

Do you ever put on a nice outfit, look at yourself in the mirror and say, “Wow, you look good today.” This service gives you that feeling but for your vehicle (no joke).

A simple wash and wax can cleanse the paint of stuck on dirt and increase the shine. Whether you have a 2010 or 2020 vehicle, you’ll notice the difference!

As an added benefit, by adding a layer of wax, your paint will have another layer of protection from the harsh outside elements that New York so often offers.


Other Services For You

Mini-Interior Detail

A simple, but thorough cleaning of the light layer of dust and debris that’s accumulated in the interior.

Premium Wash

A proper wash process to get your vehicle in pristine condition. This isn’t your local drive-thru car wash.

Engine Cleaning

Clean the layer of dirt and debris from your engine bay and restore it back to a like-new condition.

Odor Removal

Strong odor in your vehicle? We don’t mask or hide the smell. We completely eliminate the odor for good.

Ceramic Coating

The most durable and long-lasting paint protection that also produces an amazing shine for years to come (seriously).

Overspray Removal

Spilled paint on your vehicle? Paint dust landed on your vehicle? It’s a tedious process, but we can remove it.

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