Truck Washing

Truck Washing

Truck washing accomplishes more than the important removal of year-round grit. When your name is on it, a clean truck is good advertising. Power washing of surfaces exposed to road salt extends the life of your vehicle(s). Mud, dirt and road tar encourage corrosion, especially in the underside of wheel wells. A thorough detergent pressure wash, with a “wand” that gets into hard-to-reach places, is an investment in the long-term utility of your truck or fleet.

No damage to your paint or logos

Here’s how power washing works, and why it is effective on paint jobs and vinyl appliqués.

  1. Water under pressure literally breaks the connection between dirt and the surface.
  2. Those dirt molecules “give up” and wash off long before surface paint, logos and lettering would.
  3. Truck washing does not peel paint; doesn’t scratch or dent; and will not damage vinyl.
  4. Some of your jobs will require hot water, some cold, and some gentle steam cleaning. Whatever works to protect your investment.


Here’s an example

you can see everyday on the streets of New Jersey and New York: You’ve seen the large white cargo vans of the huge overnight package delivery firm. It’s the responsibility of the truck owner/operators to protect the image of the parent company and insure that logo and branding stands out. We are proud to handle that fleet truck washing assignment, which leaves the “mobile advertising” untouched.

From step-vans to semis, always from top to bottom

There’s a reason our field technicians start from the top –the roof of the cab or the flat top of the box. A guy with a hose and a brush might be able to swab the sides. But the moment it rains, snows or there’s heavy dew, the untouched dirt on the top runs down the sides and back. Those ugly streaks can be avoided with professional truck washing and equipment that gets the dirt at the top first. Seems simple, doesn’t it? Our well-trained technicians always do it, and no one shirks that duty, unlike others might.

Service at your door

Whether you keep your tractor-trailer at your house, have one flower-delivery cargo van at your business, or need truck washing of a fleet in a garage, we come to you on your timetable. You are able plan vehicle cleaning around your business needs because you schedule service in advance. Our goal is to efficiently finish the work so you get back to work.

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